Welcome! (This is not final Version of DMC website, we are still upgrading)
Welcome! (This is not final Version of DMC website, we are still upgrading)
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Pharmacology is the science of drugs including sources, chemical properties, how the body responds to the drugs, actions of drugs on the body and therapeutic uses. Main objective of the department is to imparts knowledge to both undergraduate and post graduate medical students and conduct research related to drugs.


Animal Genetics


Cardiovascular Science

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  • VisionTo be a reputed teaching and research-oriented academic department in the discipline of Pharmacology with the goal of improving human health and well-being of the community.
  • MissionTo carry out highest standards of teaching and research. Produce new expertise in the discipline of Pharmacology, acquire new knowledge and disseminate to health-care provider. Also, contribute to the development of the country through our expertise.

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